Welcome Blog by Chief Executive, Julia Houlston Clark

A very warm welcome to our website!

A very warm welcome to our website!

I am very proud and delighted to share our much anticipated launch, I hope you find it useful as well as inspiring. Building, maintain and repairing relationships, and meeting needs are core to our work, across all our services, so that everyone can work restoratively.

I hope that our website presence means our relationship with you has another route for communicating, sharing our vision and developing partnerships.

If you are new to restorative approaches, you can watch a useful overview of our work via our short YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsAboiPL7lQ.

We encourage you to explore all our pages and services as the restorative world is getting wider by the day. There are well tested interventions as well as new and impactful applications across so many sectors. Being more restorative is relevant to any organisation where there are people, with an increasingly wide evidence base.

Please do contact us if you have any queries, questions or observations, we will always bespoke our services to try to meet your specific needs. We look forwards to working with you hopefully soon.