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What are restorative approaches in families?

Conflict is a normal part of family relationships, but unresolved conflict can easily pull a family apart. Home life can become stressful and difficult, and can often affect other relationships, such as at school or at work.

It can be difficult to have clarity when dealing with your own family, but we believe that families are the experts on themselves.

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership offer simple but effective restorative techniques that allow you to change unhealthy communication habits, and solve your problems together. 

We can help you to address issues of conflict safely and respectfully, making sure that everyone has their voice heard.


Parenting workshops

Parenting workshops

If you are interested in restorative parenting for yourself or on behalf of someone you work with, we offer parenting courses.



If you would like support repairing a family relationship, our trained mediators can support you with this.

Professional training

Professional training

If you are part of a team that works closely with families, we offer restorative training for frontline family engagement workers.

Do you want to reset a relationship in your family?

Are you looking for  techniques to improve behaviours at home?

Do you work in social care with families who could benefit from restorative approaches?

What are the benefits?
Improves wellbeing in the home

When you are able to share thoughts and feelings, as well as talk through issues that are raised in a calm, respectful manner, it helps everyone’s wellbeing in the home.

Enables healthy family discussions

Disagreement isn’t always comfortable. Learning the skills to listen and share different opinions can lead to healthy discussions with less stress.

Promotes problem solving as a family

Families that work through problems together instead of as individuals, are more likely to succeed.

Increases responsibility

Blaming others is an easy habit to fall into. Learning to have healthy discussions and take responsibility for your own actions can help create better relationships in the home.

Why choose us?

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership have years of extensive experience working with family relationships. We provide training in restorative parenting techniques, non-violent communication, active listening and mediation skills. We can support you to learn these techniques yourselves, with your family, or families you work with.


Parent Group Facilitator

The restorative training helped me to look at how I listened to our families who attended our sessions, when they were sharing information, and helped me to reflect and use active listening in a more productive and positive way so that the families would know they had my full attention and support. The training was very helpful, the instructor was very engaging and kept us all interested over the 3 days. Would recommend anyone to attend the course!


I wish I had done this training earlier with my older kids, it would have saved me a lot of heartache. I really enjoyed the four weeks with the trainer. I really appreciated the stories of it going wrong with his own kids, it made me feel like I wasn’t speaking with a robot and that it’s OK to get it wrong. Thank you for your help.


As I said on the course, I didn’t want to do it, but it was actually helpful. It’s made me think about being calmer with the kids when they’re not listening and trying a different way.

Training Courses

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Professional Services


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Support & Wellbeing

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Restorative practices including mediation

We support people to find a way forward from a difficult situation involving others, through mediation.

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