What is restorative approaches training?

Teams that have invested in restorative approaches training have found that unhealthy conflict is reduced and more honest and open conversations are had, which in turn has helped with wellbeing and productivity.

We offer tailored and bespoke training courses to suit your needs. W.R.A.P can provide a wide range of courses from short workshops, to full day training workshops and week-long packages, through to pieces of work around whole system change in your place of work.


What are the benefits?

Conflict Resolution: learning how to address conflict and harmful behaviour in a way that fosters understanding, empathy, and accountability.


Building Relationships: emphasise the importance of building and maintaining positive relationships –  not just firefighting problems when they arise.


Empathy and Understanding: developing empathy and understanding of other perspectives, which can lead to more compassionate and constructive responses.

Accountability and Responsibility: promoting taking responsibility for one’s actions and making amends for any harm caused to others.

Repairing Harm: focussing on repairing the harm caused by the actions, rather than solely on punishing the wrongdoer.

Community Engagement: restorative approaches often involve the broader community in resolving conflicts and fostering a sense of responsibility and belonging.


What does restorative training cover?

Restorative approaches training generally focusses on realtionships within your context. So this could be in your own team or with the people you serve. Training looks at principles, mindset, and theory as well as day to day practical tools for healthy communication, problem solving and prevention. We tailor training to suit your needs and can also create bespoke packages.

How long does it last?

We offer training packages ranging from half day introductions through to five day restorative conferencing. We can also work with you to create long term, sustainable implementaion of restoratve approaches, creating a variety of training packages to suit your needs.

What our clients say about our training

Housing Officer

One of the best courses I have been on, and we do a lot! Good mix of theory and practical tips I can put into practice, without being too unrealstic. Thanks.

Secondary School Teacher

I like to think I have good relationships with the pupils and this course helped refresh some ideas that I had forgotten about and gave me a couple of new ideas to try as well. Looking forward to building realtionships with my year 7’s this year through circle practice. Thanks for a great training course.

Maintenance Engineer, Housing

Good trainers, kept me engaged which isn’t east to do. I can see why we need to do this, and I thought the tools you gave might actually help with some of our tenants. Thanks.

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