Helping communities to
live together harmoniously

How can restorative approaches help communities?

Living together is not always easy. We know from experience that dealing restoratively with disagreements as a community can bring individuals together, allowing them to find a solution to move forward.

Whether you represent a neighbourhood, housing association, care home, hostel etc., we can offer options in the way that your staff, tenants and residents find resolutions to difficult situations as well as offer solutions for improved working relationships between tenants and service providers.

We can improve how your community works together. You’ll learn how a consistent approach to language and values, alongside problem-solving skills, can transform the way a community lives.

Whether you experience this yourself, or you support others as part of your role, we can help.



If you know someone in conflict, we offer mediation services to support finding a way forward.



We offer quality assured restorative training. Alternatively you may prefer to train a team of people to offer mediation themsleves.



Do you want to work with us on a project? We partner with many organisations to deliver favourable outcomes for communities.

Culture reform

Culture reform

Do you want to create a restorative ethos in your place of work? We design bespoke, sustainable packages to help achieve this goal.

Are you experiencing challenges with individuals in your group or community?

Are you a community-focused association looking to improve engagement with the community?

Would a suite of tools to manage, engage, and inspire individuals be helpful?

What are the benefits?

Increases personal responsibility

Working restoratively empowers those with the problems to solve it and reduces the need for external support.

Builds relationships in the community

Working restoratively provides the community with skills to build, maintain and repair relationships.

Resolves problems collaboratively

Working restoratively teaches people how to work together to resolve issues.


Why choose us?

We have worked in with communities extensively over the past decade from large housing associations at a strategic level to direct work with familes. Our team are experiened in training professionals that support communities as well as mediating conflict, whether between community members or between organisations and the community.



CEO, Housing Association

W.R.A.P. has helped transform Cadwyn into a restorative approaches organisation where we build, maintain and repair relationships and work with people. The energy, enthusiasm and support from the W.R.A.P. has been invaluable especially during lockdown. Working restoratively has enabled our staff to find new and better solutions to resolving issues, many thanks.

Housing Officer

This is one of the best training courses I have been on in the 11 years I have worked in housing. It was well delivered and a great balance between activities and discussions. Thank you.

Tenancy Coach

I’ve really enjoyed the course. I thought four days of training was going to be too much but it was so engaging, I could have stayed for another four. I learnt a lot about restorative approaches and the skills practice was helpful for the neighbourhood disputes I work with. Thanks for a great four days, hopefully we can do some work together in the future.

What do our clients say

Matt, Coastal Housing



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