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What is a restorative approach in education?


If we get relationships right in education, it can make a huge difference to all stakeholders. As Rita Pearson said “education is relationships”, and the quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. 

Restorative approaches is an ethos; the culture of a school. One where you’ll find calmness, respect, patience, and understanding of others.

It supports many different approaches from Thrive, to ELSA, to being trauma-responsive.

Wales Restorative Approaches Partnership support schools to be a more positive place to work. A place where there is less conflict, less tension, and improved wellbeing for everyone.  

INSET days

INSET days

We deliver highly interactive INSET days to train your staff in restorative principles.

Family engagement

Family engagement

We work with families to help them understand what a restorative approach is and build better relationships with your organisation.

Peer mediation

Peer mediation

We train students to help resolve low level conflict (and pass on more serious conflict to staff) which results in less disruption entering the classroom after break. 

Intensive training

Intensive training

We deliver four-day courses for staff to learn how to build, maintain and repair relationships with all stakeholders including students, other members of staff and families.

Train the trainer

Train the trainer

We believe in sustainability, so we provide quality assured training to enable your staff to deliver restorative approaches across your organisation.

And more...

And more...

We offer a wide range of services that help create a sustainable restorative culture in your education establishment, including co-creation of policies.

Do you need help to develop relationships in school, including with students and families?

Do you need help improve your school’s ESTYN/OFSTED rating?

Are you experiencing post pandemic challenges and need support?

What are the benefits?

Improves relationships

The quality of the realtionships in education impacts the quality of the education. We can support you with techniques to improve staff-staff, staff-student, student-student or family-school relationships.

Reduces unhelpful behaviour

Working restoratively can teach staff how to manage and reduce challenging behaviour whether from students, staff or families.

Improves communication skills

Working restoratively gives everyone in the educational community a consistent framework to hold difficult conversations as well as understanding thoughts and feelings.

Increases attendance

Restorative techniques have been shown to increase attendance in education establishments we have worked with.

Increases personal responsibility and accountability

Working restoratively encourages a person to be accountable and to take responsibilty by providing techniques for them to resolve their own problems.

Improves wellbeing

Working restoratively addresses wellbeing for students and staff and encourages a holistic approach to meeting everyone’s needs where possible.

Why choose us?


Our staff have been working and applying our training practices in education for over fifteen years. We work with partners across the sector from nurseries to universities. Our trainers include qualified and experienced teachers from primary, secondary, and tertiary education.



Secondary School Teacher

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have been teaching for over 25 years and was starting to feel a little run down by it but this training has rejuvinated me, thank you!

Head Teacher, Primary School

This is exactly what we were after as a school. Since the pandemic, we have been struggling to get the children settled back into school and re-connect them back together. This INSET day has given some great tools to use and really made staff think about their relationships. Staff have been really positive about it all day. Looking forward to seeing circles next Monday around the school! Thank you.

School Governor

I’m really pleased to see our school taking on this initiative. We’ve been struggling with some behaviours for a while and I think this will really help with a consistent approach for the team.

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Professional Services


We provide consultancy services to meet the needs of your organisation. Get in touch to find out more.

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Support & Wellbeing

Whether you need one to one guidance or support for your whole team.

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Restorative practices including mediation

We support people to find a way forward from a difficult situation involving others, through mediation.

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Bespoke activities/coproduction

Work with us to create a programme exclusive to you/your organisation.

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Project development

Talk to us about a specific project you would like us to undertake alongside you.

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